Think of the scenario – You do have your own laptop in which you have stored vital documents, photos, videos, music and many more things. Suddenly on one day you switch on your computer system to accomplish some of your task but before you started working on it you find that your desktop is bombarded with numerous unwanted folders. Thus to make it clean and look good, you make selection of few folders and erase them using ‘Shift + Delete’ keys. Then soon after deletion you find that accidentally you have deleted a folder containing precious photos of your childhood. At that instant of time chances are high that you may not understand what to do and how to recover deleted photos from your laptop ?

If this is the situation with you then it is advised to don’t get sad!! Instead of that read the below given article as it has been proven it definitely helps people in this kind of situation in retrieving the deleted photos from laptop. Now though laptop is undoubtedly a very efficient gadget for storing pictures, videos and various other files but it is also the fact often under some unfortunate circumstances pictures get erased from it while viewing or editing them. Luckily, laptop include feature namely ‘Backup and Restore’ which can recover the delete files on just one click but this works only when backup has been created but if not then this option do not work and you will not be able to recover the photos back.

Scenarios that cause deletion of photos from Laptop :

  • Deletion of photos from Antivirus software – Often one in order to remove viruses from the laptop run Antivirus software. Although the software works very efficiently in eliminating harmful viruses from the laptop but in a case if pictures stored in the laptop is infected with viruses, then it also erase that picture without seeking anyone’s approval and without providing any warning message.

  • Deleting large sized photos – If you delete photos from your laptop whose size is larger than the holding capacity of Recycle Bin, then in that case photo do not get stored in Recycle Bin. This will make you lose those photos.

  • Format – It is actually a hectic situation when laptop or computer system displays an error message stating that ‘You need to format the disk in drive K: before you can use it’ as you connect any drive to your system. This error messages urges you to format the drive which ultimately results in the photo loss.

  • Deleting files from Command Prompt – Although Windows OS do have graphical user interface, but still some users have habits of utilizing command Prompt function. In this case accidental deletion of vital photos using this command, makes permanent deletion of photos from the laptop

So, obviously after the occurrence of all the above mentioned scenarios it would be very difficult for anyone to recover or access the deleted photos back. But instead of getting worried just go through the instructions listed below. The instructions mentioned below works on Windows 7, 8 and Vista. Actually whenever any file get deleted from the computer system or a laptop then it do not get immediately destroyed i.e., the only reference to file data in File Allocation Table or Master File Table get marked as deleted. This clearly means that file do not get permanently removed from the system and can get recovered again via implementing the below mentioned instructions.

How To Recover Deleted Photos From Laptop Easily ?

  • Firstly go to the folder from which the picture/photo/file has been deleted and right click on it.

  • Make selection of ‘Restore previous versions’.


  • Next an option to recover the folder will get displayed.

  • If not, then by right clicking ‘Restore previous Versions’, go to Control Panel in order to turn on the System Protection.

  • Further click on System & Security > System > System Protection.


  • Available drives with corresponding protection will get displayed.

  • Now select a particular drive and tap on configure.

  • In the next step click on ‘restore system settings and previous versions of files’ and then tap on ‘OK’.

  • After this an option to recover the required or particular file will get displayed.


  • Finally the deleted file get restored again.

It is hoped that after following the above listed instructions you will be able to recover the deleted photos from laptop, or make it visible for the file system again since it’s implementation has helped many people in recovering their important data after deletion.