In today’s era laptop is an essential need for the majority of the people without which people really find it difficult to survive and accomplish their target. Laptop do have capability of fulfilling needs and requirements of every group of people i.e., in the case of student it helps them to do the study, to teachers it is important since it provide them with the information to teach their students etc. Likewise every field or organization required a laptop or computer to run their organization. Now though nowadays numerous brands of laptops are available in the market and undoubtedly all of them are very efficient in their working skills but here we are going to discuss about Dell brand as it is one of the most popular laptop brand. The Dell laptops provides the individual with the best of both entertainment and work. Being powered with powerful and enhance processor the Dell laptops offers users ease to work and enables them to enjoy in a speedy and smooth way. Regarding display picture quality also it has been characterized very effective. Now due to such applicable features it would definitely not be wrong to claim these laptops very effective but yet it do have some drawbacks as nothing in the world in perfect. Often one can encounter several video problems while using dell laptops. Because of these issues it becomes really hectic for one to work on laptop.

Here we have discussed some of the most common videos related issues occurring on the Dell laptops:

  • The video on the LCD is garbled

In the case of this issue it is advised to connect the LCD screen to an external monitor. Now if the external video is totally fine it means that the issue is with the LCD screen or the LCD video cable. User can fix this problem by re seating the video cable on the back of the LCD and on the system board. But if the external video is found to be garbled then it is definitely not the LCD screen problem. In this situation either the system board is bad or the video card is bad.

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  • Laptop LCD screen is solid white color

This situation mostly occurs if there a bad connection between the LCD display and the system board. In this situation first of all user should try to reseat the video cable connector on the back of the LCD screen and then should check if it resolves the issue or not. Then after that one should try to reseat the video cable connector on the system board. In a case if there is no video on the LCD screen user should try to reseat the cables.


Source – youtube.com

    • Screen, Icon or Font Size Too Small or Too Big

    In the case of this issue one need to modify the video settings. For this regarding distinct versions of Windows operating system, one need to perform different instructions:

    Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Video Settings

    Set or Change the Screen Resolution

    Actually the screen resolution can get adjusted from the Desktop. User just need to invoke the Windows Charms by swiping in from the right and then choose Start. Now at the Windows UI Start Screen, enter main Desktop via clicking on the Desktop Title or via pressing the Start button on the keyboard.

    1. First of all right click on the Desktop and then select Screen Resolution

    2. Now point to Resolution

    3. After that select the desired resolution

    4. Then click OK.

    In order to select a Display Mode with Screen Resolution in Advanced Settings, implement the below discussed instructions:

    1. Firstly in the Screen Resolution Window click on the Advanced Settings link

    2. After that click on List All Modes in the Adaptor tab.

    3. Now select a display mode which you would want for selected display and then tap OK

    4. Click Apply

    5. Now in a case If the selected screen resolution or the display mode suits the requirements, click Keep Changes

    6. Finally click OK in the screen Resolution to close it.

    Adjust the Refresh Rate

    Considering this execute the below discussed steps:

    1. Right click on the Desktop and then select Screen Resolution

    2. Now click on the Advanced Settings link in the Screen Resolution Window

    3. Then select the Monitor tab

    4. After that select an appropriate refresh rate from the drop-down list.

    Modify the Size of Fonts and Icons

    In order to adjust the size of items in Windows, follow the instructions discussed below:

    1. Navigate to Control Panel and then click Display

    2. Now locate Change the size of all items in the Display Window

    3. After that select the option of your choice

    4. Then locate Change only the text size to change the text size of a particular item on the desktop

    5. Finally select a suitable item from the Drop-Down list and then tap Apply.

    To solve screen, icon or font size too small or too big issue in other versions of Windows such as Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7, visit here – http://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/19/SLN130287

    • Laptop LCD Screen Is Blank or Black

    If in a case your Laptop LCD screen seems Black or Blank, follow the below discussed steps:

    1. First of all check the A/C adapter’s power indicator light. If none, then try it on a working A/C outlet or with a familiar good A/C adapter

    2. Then press the power button and check for any lights on the computer. If nothing is found refer to the Dell Knowledge Base article Resolve No Power, No Post, No Boot or NO Videos Issues With Your Dell Computer.

    3. Now adjust the brightness of the LCD screen, while the laptop is on.

    4. After that test the laptop LCD in the System Setup (BIOS)

      >> Turn the computer off

      >> Then power on the computer and press the F2 key until you see the System Setup (BIOS).

      >> After that look for lines, distortion or any other video issue observed within the System Setup (BIOS).

    1. Run the Laptop LCD Built-In Self Test (LCD BIST)

    2. Now try to boot into ENABLE VGA Mode

      >> Turn the computer off

      >> Now power on the computer. Then when the Dell logo get appeared on the screen press F8 key until the Windows Advanced Boot Menu is viewed.

      >> Now utilizing the Up or Down arrow keys, highlight Enable VGA Mode and press the Enter key.

      >> Lastly check is the video is seen in this mode of Microsoft Windows.

    1. If the video seen in the BIOS or the LCD BIST passes, continue with the next step otherwise if the video do not get still seen in the BIOS or the LCD BIST Contact Technical Support.

    2. Now finally at last connect to an external monitor.

    So, by going through the above discussion you will surely get rid of the problems as here we have covered almost every video problems related with Dell laptop and have tried to give it’s appropriate and permanent solution.