I recently bought GoPro camera for diving and recording videos on the recommendation of one of my close friend. This camera saves all the files in the MP4 format. It was working quite efficiently but suddenly one day I found my MP4 video file corrupted which was about 30 min long and was one of my best footage. Though to repair the video I tried lots of measures but all of them failed. So, is there any portable method which can help me out in making the MP4 video file work normally again on my GoPro camera?”


GoPro has been referred as one of the efficient camera for the purpose of capturing high definition videos, especially the action videos. This camera is well known in the market for it’s high durability, light weight, mountable in unusable places, waterproof etc. It do have potential of storing large videos. Although it is completely reliable but yet it has been found that large MP4 files stored in it are more prone to corruption.


Various Scenarios Which Tends To GoPro MP4 File Corruption Are :

  • Big stream video cannot be written on the bad quality memory card.

  • Several kind of interruption such as power failure, unpredicted system shut down or turning off the GoPro camera while transferring MP4 files to the computer leads to the corruption to video files stored in the camera.

  • Shutting down the computer while playing MP video on GoPro camera attached to it leads to corruption of MP4 files.

  • Studies shows that attacks of malware, adwares or spywares do have capability of affecting the MP4 files on GoPro cameras and corrupting them all.

  • Causes such as frequent freezing or extreme temperature, improper usage and sudden power outage while utilizing GoPro camera may results in the corruption of MP4 files.

Recover All Kinds Of Files Easily

After the occurrence of all the above listed scenarios whenever users open the corrupted MP4 file, they either get an error message indicating that the file has been corrupted or the video may appear distorted. In this situation it becomes very hectic for the users to retrieve the corrupted video files back. But in this case it is suggested not to get worried since GoPro camera includes a SOS function which do have potential of fixing the corrupted MP4 video file. So, if you are suffering from this kind of situation then just switch off and switch on the camera. Now if you see a photo of a bicycle along with “+” sign on the camera then just click on it since it is a file repair icon and get displayed by the camera if it finds corrupted videos. After tapping on this button, the camera begins repairing the corrupted MP4 video file and wait till the camera stops blinking the red color. Further as soon as the video repair process get completed, the camera get revert back to the normal file counter display.

If this works excellent otherwise one can go through the instructions discussed below :

  1. See whether the card is readable or not. If it is, then continue on, otherwise see if a MBR repair utility will get the card back up and working.

  2. Now copy the corrupt file over locally and then see if it plays at all with the VLC.

  3. Next knowing the mode the file was recorded in, utilize the fix_header_v3a.pl utility.

The command look like :

perl c:\gopro\fix_header_v3a.pl c:\gopro\GOPR0752.MP4 -reso r5

This will get the file working again but it would be still formatted a little bit weird. Now in a case if the file plays with vertical lines then it is advised to try a distinct camera mode like r3.

  1. Further run the file through mp4muxer-0.9.3.zip and then separate the video from the audio tracks. After that rename the file as .MP4

  2. After that import this footage into the movie editor such as Sony Vegas and re-render it utilizing the same settings as the video file. This re-encapsulates it and makes it worth with all tools.

After the execution of the above given instructions the on would surely recover the corrupted GoPro MP4 Video.