Have your computer system been infected with Payms Ransomware and causing number of issues in your PC? Does even after implementing the antivirus program you are not able to eliminate this infection once you noticed it’s presence or when the system got locked and your vital files got encrypted. Don’t have any idea on how to deal with this infection? Well then don’t worry since here step-by-step guide has been provided which would definitely help you in eliminating this vicious threat from the PC.


Belonging to the Ransomware family, Payms Ransomware has been reported as an updated variant of Jigsaw Ransomware which makes usage of the same aggressive methods for encrypting the system files and then after that hold the system files for a substantial ransom fee. This infection in order to encrypt the system files appends extensions such as .pay, pays, .payms or .paymst to the file name. It has been found that Payment_Instructions.txt file generally includes ransom note which comes in the desktop along with several other folders of encrypted files. The message forces users to pay ransom money in order to obtain a decryption key for restoring all the encrypted files. The message display by this threat is written in both English as well as Spanish language. The developer of Payms Ransomware makes usage of numerous shady tricks and techniques to penetrate this infection inside the PC. Studies shows that most probably it sneaks inside the PC via security loopholes present on the PC. Apart from this there are various other causes reasonable behind the penetration of this ransomware inside the PC. All of them are mentioned below :


  • By installing or updating new programs – This threat bundled itself with several freeware and shareware softwares and invade inside the user’s PC without seeking their permission.
  • By not installing the latest updates – Regular updating operating system has been labeled a crucial step in preventing the insertion of malicious infections inside the PC. So, if in a case it do not get updated regularly, this lead to the invasion of harmful threats inside the PC.
  • With several other vicious programs – In a case if any Trojan or rootkit kinds of software or program get installed earlier then that PC automatically brings it easily without any prior notice.
  • By External Storage Media – Studies shows that in most cases vicious infections do have replicating attributes. Due to this they are capable of easily replicating themselves while moving from one computer to another via external storage media such as Pendrive, SD card etc.
  • With P2P or Online File Sharing Process – While online file sharing this vicious infections get proliferates inside the user’s PC without their consent.

Quick And Easy Solution For The Removal Of Spyware

Payms Ransomware once loaded contributes numerous issues inside the PC. First of all it bombards the user’s browser’s screen with endless scary notifications. This is basically done to earn illegal money from them. In addition to this modifies the default system settings. This ransomware also stops the users from opening various programs and prohibit them from accessing the Internet. It also sniffs the user’s sensitive information and send it to the online hackers for evil purpose. It in order to prevent it’s detection update all it’s components automatically. Moreover this infection delete the system’s vital files and reduces the PC’s speed badly. Thus to stay away from such disastrous issues and to work in a safe network environment it is very essential to remove Payms Ransomware immediately from the PC right after it’s detection.