Windows 7 has been referred as a fairly cool operating system having capability of allowing users to perform multiple tasks simultaneously at the same instant of time. Though it is efficient in it’s working skills but it is the fact that nothing in this world is perfect and so is the case with this operating system. Like most operating system it is also not perfect at all. Users making usage of Windows 7 operating system often encounters several annoying issues such as compatibility with older programs, trouble with the Aero theme and it’s features, slow performance on low-end hardware, drive not found etc. So, in order to work efficiently on laptop or PC having Windows 7 installed in it, it is very important to fix such frustrating issues. Considering that purpose here some distinct issues associated with Windows 7 have been discussed with the appropriate solution to fix those annoyances.

  1. Windows 7 Seems Slow –

    It has been found that Windows 7 requires plenty of resources as it features numerous visual effects which draws on the graphic card and system memory. So, in a case if the system get slow out of the box, then the chances are high to fix the issue via turning off the superfluous effects. Considering that purpose follow the below given steps :

Go to > Start and type ‘performance’ in the search field > ‘Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows’ from the results. The > Performance Options window will open. Under > Visual Effects select > Adjust for best performance. In a case if one likes to retain a nice interface then select > Custom and check > ‘Use visual styles on windows and buttons’.Screenshot from 2016-05-05 10:29:46

  1. Older Programs Not Compatible

Before upgrading to Windows 7 it is suggested to check out which of the programs will be compatible. Regarding that purpose it is advised to make use of Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor as it do have potential of checking the most common programs. Though it checks the programs thoroughly but yet there are chances that some program stay left. So in that case user may have to perform a manual check at the Windows 7 Compatibility Center for several other programs. But if the user has already upgraded and after if after that it turns out that a program is not compatible then instead of getting worried it is suggested to carry out the below discussed way:

Windows 7 Compatibility Mode

First of all install a program in Compatibility Mode. For that implement the below discussed steps:

Right-click its > installation file and select > Properties. In its > Properties windows switch to the > Compatibility tab, check > ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for: ‘ and from the > pull-down menu select the latest updated version of Windows on which you know the program was running on.Screenshot from 2016-05-05 10:31:19

One may have to repeat the above instructed steps with the program itself once it get installed. For that execute the steps mentioned below :

Right-click the > program icon, select > Properties, switch to > Compatibility tab, check > ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for: ‘, and then select the respective Windows operating system.

Moreover one can also modify the settings for the respective program and one should explore these, depending on the issue encountering.Screenshot from 2016-05-05 10:32:57

Finally at last if one went with Windows 7 Professional or up, he/she can use Windows 7’s XP Mode. Actually it runs Windows XP as a virtual machine and one can install all programs which worked on Windows XP in this environment.

  1. Windows Aero Not Working

It is very important to ensure that the the graphics cards supports Aero and that graphic driver is up to date. But in a case if the computer system do have Windows 7 OS installed in it then ofcourse this should not be an issue at all. Now finally Aero could get disabled in the registry. But before proceeding on how to check and edit the registry it is recommended to back up the registry since often editing the registry causes permanent damage to the Windows installation.

Now to check and edit the registry, follow the below given steps:

Go to > Start and type > ‘regedit ‘ into the > search option. Launch regedit and browse to > KEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM. The value of the entry > ‘EnableAeroPeek ‘ must be set to 1, rather than 0.Screenshot from 2016-05-05 10:34:19

  1. DVD Drive Not Found

It is one of the most common Windows 7 issue namely ‘Windows 7 cannot find the optical drive’. This issue also involves editing the registry. To fix this execute the instructions mentioned below:

Click > Start, search for > ‘regedit ‘ and launch it from the > results. Navigate to > ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentSet\Control\Class ‘. Now In the > right-hand panel delete > ‘UpperFilters ‘ and ‘LowerFilters ‘ , restart Windows

If this fixes the issue excellent otherwise it is suggested to proceed to the below instructed steps

Click > Start, type > Disk Management, and select > ‘Create and format hard disk partitions ‘. In the > Disk Management window right-click on the > optical drive icon and then select ‘Change Drive Letter and Paths ‘. Now in the > Change Drive Letter and Paths window click > Change…button and select a new drive letter. Now restart the Windows with a hope that it would fix the issue.

  1. New Themes Change Custom Icons

Sometimes while switching themes one may found some of the custom icons get changes. It is simply very annoying for every users. To prevent this follow the below discussed steps:

Right-click > desktop, select > Personalize, in the control panel windows which opens switch to > Modify Desktop Icons, and then in the > Desktop Icon Settings window uncheck > ‘Allow themes to modify the desktop icons’.Screenshot from 2016-05-05 10:35:40

Though the above instructed steps are effective in their working skills but still if they do not work then to fix the most common most common Windows 7 problems it is strongly recommended to go through the website mentioned below :