I do have a CF card for my Nikon digital camera. It was working absolutely awesome in it but today I inserted the card in my new Canon digital camera and utilized it to take several pictures. At the time when I inserted CF card in the Canon camera, it get recognized and started working normally. However all of a sudden while capturing photos from the camera, it shut down. On restarting the camera, it displays message stating that the memory card has been corrupted and cannot get accessed any more. So, for checking that if it is possible to copy all of the files stored on the card, I inserted the card into my laptop running Windows 7 but my laptop says it is unable to access the card. since the photos stored on the card was very important for me, I’m in panic now! So, is there anyway through which I can reclaim the photos stored on the card.

The reply to all such king of queries is – Yes, as in this guide we have compiled several working ways via implementation of which one can recover photos from the corrupted CF card. Along with that effective information on CF card data loss in general has been also discussed in this page. So, it is advised to read on and explore!

CF (Compact Flash) cards are basically type of memory cards used as storage devices primarily on digital cameras, PDAs, camcorders, MP3 players etc. These little pieces of technical brilliance are utilized to stores the prized shots captured by the camera. These cards have been labeled highly potent, fast and reliable. They enables the users to store wide and variety of data like songs, videos, applications and high quality pictures via it’s high storage capacity. Now though because of all such efficient features the CF cards appears and sounds very applicable but yet similar to that of several other memory cards, this card also come across inevitable data loss situations.

Scenarios Accountable For CF Card Corruption Are Discussed Below :

  • Accidentally erasing images, videos or other files from the CF card.

  • Clicking on “Delete All” button from the camera or camcorder while fiddling through menu.

  • By unintentionally formatting the CF card in the device or when connected to the computer system.

  • Virus or malware attack on the CF card results in card corruption and data loss.

  • Interfering while transferring files from the CF card to laptop or vice versa

  • Often unfamiliar error occurs when CF card gets connected to the computer which forces the users to format it.

Working Guidelines To Perform CF Card Recovery Manually:

One can repair the corrupted CF card by making the usage of native utilities like CHKDSK

The CHKDSK utility has been referred as one of the most powerful utility in repairing corrupt partition tables. Thus on being executed on an inaccessible CF card, makes the card visit to the laptop or computer in which it has been inserted. After that one can recover the data by implementing the command mentioned below:

In order to recover the partition tables on the CF card, make usage of the command:

chkdsk g: /f /r /x

Here in the above mentioned command ‘g’ denotes the drive letter assigned to the card.

Though it has been proven that the execution of the above discussed instructions can recover photos from the corrupted CF card but at the same instant of time the utilization of these commands has been found quite risky since they ultimately makes modification in the MFT and File Allocation Table. Therefore in order to recover the photos from the corrupted CF card it is recommended to go through the link provided here as it includes reliable guidelines to fix the issue –

Hopefully the above mentioned steps will work in recovering photos since the repairing instructions has been taken from several authenticated sites, forums etc.

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