Have your system been infected with JuicyLemon Ransomware? Is your files extension automatically get changed by “.id[RANDOMID][email protected][email protected]_BitMessage_BM-[address]”? Are you unable to access any of your system files and folders? Are you in seek of an easy method which can efficiently unlock your files and eliminate this notorious ransomware virus? Well then you are at the correct place since here complete solution has been provided to the removal of JuicyLemon Ransomware from the PC.

JuicyLemon Ransomware has been characterized as a obnoxious ransomware infection having capacity of slithering into the Windows operating system without seeking the user’s approval. Studies shows that this vicious infection is most usually propagates via utilizing the Angler Exploit Kit and it’s implementable is downloaded in %APPDATA% or %TEMP% folders. This infection is not easily traceable since it’s exe.file is represented with an icon of a purple folder and along with that it also includes a misleading name.


According to researches it has been found that it is actually very important to keep guarded against JuicyLemon Ransomware since it encrypt the vital personal files and makes them totally inaccessible to the users. It after the completion of encryption process creates a files on the desktop with a completely random name such as P1AD0H2NPVY3MARJT.txt. This file is created for the purpose of representing the demand of the author of this ransomware. Through this text file users are instructed to contact cyber criminals via available emails such as [email protected] or [email protected] or via utilizing the Bitmessage system for decrypting the files and makes them accessible. Furthermore due to this infection the files encrypted by this threat gains an extension,”.id[RANDOMID][email protected][email protected]_BitMessage_BM-[address]”. If noticed carefully then one can easily see that this extension contains the same addresses and the Bitmessage system address that he/she is asked to use for contact via the text file. It clearly states that this extension is highly visible and one should not take long time to detect it. After the encryption causes by this infection whenever the users tries to open files with this extension, they get fail and in the case when they remove the extension, the file remains encrypted. It should be also noticed that at every location, folders containing encrypted files also include the “RESTORE FILES.txt” file which contains the exact same message as the text file with a random name on the desktop. It is strongly advised to not follow the demands represented via these messages since they are quite dangerous and may lead to security issues. Moreover the disclaimer within the text files clearly states that making utilization of any other third-party decryption tools will definitely lead to the permanent damage of the files.

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Apart from encrypting the files JuicyLemon Ransomware also generates numerous other issues inside the PC. It drops various other potentially unwanted programs inside the PC without seeking the user’s approval. Additionally it also deactivates the pre-installed virus detector programs and turn off the Windows firewall. It stops the users from opening several programs and prohibits them from accessing the Internet. Therefore due to such disastrous consequences undoubtedly it is not wrong to say that for preventing the encryption issue caused by this threat and to make efficient usage of PC it is very important to remove JuicyLemon Ransomware quickly from the PC.