The Jigsaw ransomware is back again with a fresh variant namely Invisible Empire theme for it’s lock screen. The Invisible Empire is actually an art exhibit by ‘Juha Arvid Helminen’ that tries to show the procedure by which uniform can get utilized while one commit atrocities or criminal behavior. It would be not wrong to say that this theme perfectly suits a ransomware program.

Just like the previous Jigsaw ransomware threat it also encrypts the system’s files or data on the hard drive with AES encryption and then demand a ransom payment for making the files accessible or decrypting them. Then delivers message for frightening the compromised computer users with threats posed by Nazi defenders. Though the Nazi defenders are fake but the encrypted files are not. After the generation of this message users become unable to open or access the encrypted files until they make payment for the asked ransom or find out another way of decrypting their files, like retrieving them from a backup or obtaining a free decryption key. Now for paying the ransom money users are required to send payment to the assigned bitcoin address and then have to tap on the ‘I made a payment’ button.

It should be kept noticed that new version of Jigsaw ransomware still deletes the user’s files every time whenever the restart the process and when the timer runs down to zero. Though Invisible Empire version is resembles to the standard on huge extent but yet there is a major difference between them i.e., the new version Invisible Empire makes utilization of .payransom extension.

How Invisible Empire Ransomware Propagate ?

There are multiple ways by which Invisible Empire Ransomware propagates among the user’s PC. One might get infected with this ransomware via junk emails containing an attachment with a vicious code inside. In a case if infection like this is opened, the virus can get injected inside the machine. Studies shows that the previous variant of Invisible Empire Ransomware used to distribute via social media networks and file-sharing systems as well. This new variant might proliferates inside the system by DropBox.

So, ofcourse in order to use PC efficiently and get back all the encrypted files it is very important to remove Invisible Empire Ransomware quickly from the PC. Though it is not an simple task to accomplish since this threat buried it’s infectious files deeply inside the systems. But still you are advised not to get worried and just go through the manual solution provided below for recovering all your files.

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Manual Removal Of Invisible Empire Ransomware From The Computer

  • First of all boot the computer system into Safe Mode

  1. Eliminates all CDs and DVDs and then restart the PC from the “Start” menu.

  2. Now press “F8” repeatedly after the first boot screen shows up while the computer restarts. In a case if the Windows logo appears on the screen, one has to repeat the same task again.Capture

  3. Next as the “Advanced Booth Options” screen appears, make selection of the Safe Mode option you want utilizing the arrow keys. After making the selection, press “Enter”.

  4. At last log on to the computer by using the administrator

While the computer system is in safe mode, the words “Safe Mode” get displayed in all the four corners of the screen.

  • In the next step seek the vicious files generated by Invisible Empire Ransomware.

  1. First of all on the keyboard press   + R and write explorer.exe in the Run text box. After that click on the Ok button.win7_kill_restart_explorer_2

  2. Next click on the PC from the quick access bar. It is most usually an icon with a monitor whose name is either “My Computer’, ‘MY PC’ or ‘This PC’ or something else which the users has named it.

  3. Now navigate to the search box present in the top-right of the PC’s screen and then type “fileextension:”. After that type the file extension. Further leave a space and just type the file name you think the malware has created. Below it has been shown how it may appear in a case of the file has been found:malware-exe

  • Then remove registry entires created by Invisible Empire Ransomware on the PC.

  1. Start by typing “regedit” in the command prompt and then hit Enter.

  2. Now look the below discussed registry values and eliminate them.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft \Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft \WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon.

  1. After that close the Registry Editor and go back to the command prompt.

  2. Finally at last reboot the system again by typing “shutdown /r/t/0” and pressing Enter, this time in normal mode.

Hopefully the above discussed description of Invisible Empire Ransomware and it’s effective removal will help you out in a case if your system has got infected with this ransomware.