FBI virus (also termed as FBI Moneypack virus) has been characterized under the Ransomware category of computer threats having capability of infecting both the Mac and Windows operating systems. Most commonly this threat sneak secretly inside the PC. Once getting complete proliferation inside the PC it represent itself as “The FBI Federal Bureau Investigation” and displays an aggresively-designed alert claiming that the laptop is locked regarding to the Copyright and Associated Rights Law Violation. After that it urges users to pay an unnecessary fine in order to unlock the browser or laptop. Often some of the FBI viruses also encrypts the personal files and hold them hostage until a fine is paid. Along with all this, it also scares the PC users via stating on the fake FBI screen that the laptop or computer owner may face jail time or other consequences in a case if the unnecessary fine is not paid in time. The FBI prohibits the users from utilizing laptop in an efficient manner via making unauthorized modification in the system’s default settings. Besides from that it also steals the users personal stuff and then further transmit it to the online hackers for marketing purpose. This Ransomware makes the PC’s performance extremely slow and sluggish via consuming enormous amount of system resources.


How FBI Infects The Laptop :

The developer of FBI virus makes usage of numerous deceptive tricks and techniques to penetrate this threat inside the laptop. Most this infection comes together with several other freeware and shareware programs downloaded either from any nettlesome source or from any anonymous websites. Aside from this it often invade inside the laptop or PC because of frequent visit to vicious websites or blogs over the Internet, file transferring from one system to another with the help of infectious removable storage device, sharing of files in networking environment, making use of pirated CDs and hardware, playing online games, running the outdated version of antivirus programs in the laptop or computer system.

Harmful Effects Of FBI Virus :

  • Sneaks secretly inside the laptop without seeking the user’s permission.

  • Converts all the system files to horrible extensions

  • Makes the entire system non responsive

  • Remote access to cyber criminals to violate user’s privacy.

  • Infiltrates numerous additional malware infections inside the laptop via deactivating the pre-installed security program in it.

  • Slows down the laptop or PC’s speed on huge extent.

So, to stay away from all such kind of fake alert messages and unwanted encryption it is very necessary to remove FBI virus from the laptop or computer system quickly. Considering that target here below manual instructions have been listed which needs to be implemented to get complete rid of this virus.

“Se sei un utente italiano incontrando il caos creato da FBI Virus e non comptiable con la soluzione di fornire qui poi si suggerisce di andare anche se il link riportato di seguito in quanto contiene suggerimenti di rimozione nella tua lingua che sarà sicuramente aiutare a sbarazzarsi della vostra problema – Disinstallare Windows Spyware

Manual Removal Of FBI Virus :

  • First of all open Windows Start Menu and then type %appdata% into the search field and hit Enter.

  • Now navigate to : Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

  • Then remove ctfmon (ctfmon.lnk in dos)

  • In the next step open Windows Start Menu and then type %useprofile% into the search field and after that hit Enter.

  • Now navigate to: Appdata\Local\Temp

  • After that remove rool0_pk.exe

  • Eliminate [random].mof fole

  • Remove V.class.

It is hoped that the above discussed instructions will work in eliminating FBI virus from the laptop but if not then instead of getting worried to remove FBI virus from laptop when it is locked it is suggested to go through the link provided here as it contains complete solution to the uninstallation of this threat from the laptop.

Link : http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/how-remove-computer-virus#how-remove-computer-virus=windows-7