Laptops have labeled a very necessary electric gadget for modern life. Having packed all components into a compact size they can be put on any flat surface such as work desk, picnic table, dining table etc. Due to it’s light weight, built-in power source and wireless modem it do have ability of being taken at several distinct places. Along with this it also facilitates the users with a seamless multitasking performance via it’s powerful algorithmic skills. Now though because of all such effective features the laptops seems and sounds very efficient and applicable but yet sometimes users using it encounters several problems while working on it. Actually it has been found that mostly problems evolve in the laptop when it gets infected with certain sort of malware infections. Some infections are so harsh in nature that they they get entrenched in Windows in such a manner that the system cannot get start or boot normally. In such critical situation it is suggested to quickly address the issue as other laptops and servers are potentially at risk especially in the case if the infection is adware or browser hijacker since they do have tendency of replicating and propagating themselves.

So it really becomes hectic for any individual to get rid of virus when laptop won’t boot. But do not get worried as here we have provided effective instructions to fix a laptop that won’t boot.

How To Fix A Computer That Won’t Boot – Instructions

Safe Mode

Step 1 : Unplug the network cable from the laptop if in a case it is still attached. This actually prohibits viruses from propagating to several other machines in the network and prevents the malwares from re-downloading itself.

Step 2 : Now turn on the laptop and press F8 repeatedly till you get to the Windows boot option menu. Now use the arrow key to select ‘Safe Mode’ and tap ‘Enter’. So when you boot the system into Safe Mode, Windows only loads the bare minimum drivers and programs required to initialize the operating system. Laptops infected by viruses or bad driver installations often starts in Safe Mode, enabling individuals to resolve the issue at that instant of time. If in a case laptop do not get boot into the Safe Mode, skip to the ‘Reinstall Windows’ section.

Step 3 : Launch the antivirus program installed in your laptop and perform a deep scan. In this phase it is suggested to clean any traces found and reboot th machine into safe mode. Repeat this process till no more traces get detected.

Step 4 : In the next step reboot the laptop and check whether the Windows loads normally or not. In a case if it doesn’t reinstall the operating system. But before that back up all the data to a flash drive or external hard drive and then continue with the next section.

Reinstall Windows

Step 1 : First of all insert the Windows installation disc into the DVD drive. In a case if you don’t have a retail Windows 7 disc, you would must have received a Windows operating system disc with the computer.

Step 2 : After that reboot the laptop and in order to bring up the boot menu tap the appropriate key combination. This time the combination you need will flash briefly on the screen as the system gets boot up.

Step 3 : In the next step select the CD/DVD drive via utilizing the arrow keys and then press ‘Enter’.

Step 4 : Then when prompted press any key on the keyboard to boot the disc.

Step 5 : Finally at last follow the on-screen instructions in order to reinstall the Windows. Now when prompted perform a ‘regular’ format of the drive. This will erase all the data. The ‘Quick Format’ option will not wipe the drive and will not enable the viruses to return.

Haben Sie Ihren PC auch mit einer solchen Malware-Infektion infiziert wurden, der in Windows in einer solchen Weise verschanzt bekommen, dass der Laptop normalerweise Start- oder Boot nicht mehr zu bekommen. Wenn ja, ist es gut, dann wird empfohlen, den unten stehenden Link zu folgen, da es die richtige Lösung für dieses Problem enthalten –