According to the today’s scenario it would not be wrong to say that the evolution of MS Outlook email technology has bridged the communication barriers amongst employees in small to large enterprises. Though this application ensures the users of providing them with effective service but it is also the fact that with the utilization of email communication and several other collaborative services, companies are becoming more vigilant over the issues of data backup facility, security compliance and advance server performance Now since all the Outlook user accounts are actually stored on Exchange Server, due to this , most of the System admins have initiated the practice of creating Outlook email backups in the form of PST or OST files. These PST files are utilized for the purpose of storing email items from Exchange server to local computers. The PST files have been considered one of the most efficient features of MS Outlook application since it’s provision has enhanced the Server performances by removing extra burden of user email items from the exchange server.

In order to facilitate the seamless email communication and proper utilization of PST or OST files, it is very important for one to be vigilant about the risks originated from software or hardware malfunctions. Though mostly users takes several necessary precautionary measures to prevent any kind of damage but still often various Outlook errors corrupts the integrity of the PST file. This damages the PST files and makes data stored on it inaccessible to the users. Here in this article we are going to have a discussion on one such dangerous Outlook error, after the occurrence of which a messages mentioned below get displayed on the device screen :


This message has been reported as the hot topic amongst Outlook users.



It might be possible that one encounter the message “THE FILE DRIVE: \PATH\FILE NAME.PST COULD NOT BE FOUND”, after launching the MS Outlook application. In this situation it is necessary for one to handle the situation carefully since his/her Outlook email items used to be at stake at this instant of time. If by chance users tap on OK option appearing underneath the error message, then MS Outlook invokes the Create/Open Personal Folders File dialog. In order to accommodate more information about the above mentioned error one should also know below stated several other reasons liable behind it’s occurrence :

  1. Windows registry errors

  2. Windows OS format

  3. Corrupt hard drive sectors, etc

  4. Virus/malware infected PST files

  5. Outlook PST email items are transferred on available exchange server.

Know How To Fix PST Error Easily and Quickly

So, if PST file has been corrupted because of the any above mentioned reasons then it is suggested to make use of inbuilt utility provided by Microsoft itself known as Scanpst.exe tool. Studies shows that this tool decreases the corruption level and do have a easy user interface, but at the same time it is also the fact that this tool is not capable of managing the process of Outlook PST repair. Therefore, if it works then excellent otherwise it is recommended to troubleshoot the scenario by looking out the Server configuration settings.

In a case if the Outlook client is displaying the Disconnected message in the task bar of Outlook application, then it might be possible that the discrepancies is present in the MS Outlook or Exchange Server settings. Besides from the disconnection message, if the directory status is showing disconnected but the connection has been showed as established then it is possible that problem s within the RPC encryption settings. Now if the RPC encryption settings of MS Outlook is deactivated then the Exchange Server do not let the connection to get established. So, for enabling this vital feature, execute the below instructed steps :

  • First of all go to Control Panel and then click the Mail option.

  • Now tap the Show Profiles option. Next choose your profile and tap Properties.

  • After that click the E-mail Accounts option.

  • Then tap the Microsoft Exchange (send from this account by default) option, and then make selection of Change.

  • Now tap the More Settings button.

  • Further make the selection of Security tab in the Microsoft Exchange dialog box.

  • Next mark the Encrypt data between Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Exchange option. Tap the Apply button followed by OK.

  • Tap the Next button.

  • Finally at last click the Finish button.

After following the steps check the connectivity between the Exchange Server and MS Outlook client. Chances are high that it will get established and the “THE FILE DRIVE: \PATH\FILE NAME.PST COULD NOT BE FOUND” will get fixed.

For more information on how to fix this PST error, visit here – https://support.microsoft.com/en-in/kb/830307