Nowadays many users are complaining that their SD cards are not being recognized in Windows 10, Windows 8 or in Windows 8.1. So, if you are also one of the user encountering this issue and are unable to access your SD card in your respective laptop or PC then in that situation instead of getting panic or worried it is advised to go through the below discussed article as it contains effective description on SD card, it’s features, it’s merit as well as it’s demerits.

According to today’s scenario it would be not wrong to say that tablets and smart phones are the basic requirements of people which along with fulfilling their professional requirements also fulfill their personal requirements. And in these devices external memory cards plays a very vital role as they expands the memory of the device enabling the users to store additional data in it. Due to this the demand of external memory cards in the market is on large extent and in order to fulfill this demand the market has been also flooded with numerous distinct types of memory cards such as SD card, CF card, etc. Though all of them provides the individual with effective service but yet among all of them SD card has been labeled as one of the most applicable and reliable memory card. It is basically a non-volatile memory card format develop by the SD Card Association (SDA) for use in portable devices.

Now although this card is highly potent and do have capability of storing individual’s large amount of vital data but often under certain circumstances the data present on them becomes inaccessible. One such scenario is upgradation to Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. It has been found that after upgrading Windows to it’s latest version the SD card do not get recognized. Even when they are inserted in the proper slot, the laptop or PC just fails to recognize it and the SD Memory Card Drive no longer works in Windows 10. This problem can caused because of driver issue, system issue and device issue. So, to troubleshoot such problems, below effective solutions have been discussed to troubleshoot the problems

  • First of all check whether the problem is caused by driver issue. Regarding this go to ‘Device Manager’. It is advised to first see the card reader in the list. If in a case it do have a yellow sign inside it, then the chances are high that the problem is caused by driver issue. In this situation you need to update the driver. For this you can go to the device manufacturer’s website in order to find and download the driver for the card reader.

  • Secondly, check if the problem is cause due to the card issue. If yes i.e., the SD card is broken, it will not get recognized by laptop or PC. In this situation plug the card into another PC to check whether it works or not. If it do not one can try cleaning the card. Even if after cleaning the card, it still do not works, then the card is probably broken and one need to replace his/her card.

In a case of you are one of the SD card user who is encountering the issue ‘SD Card Not Being Recognized In Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1’ issue and are not getting satisfied solution to your problem then it is advised to go through the link provided here as it contains working solution on SanDisk Card Recovery

  • Thirdly, check whether the card reader works or not. In a case if the card reader get stuck with dust, it will definitely lead to bad contact between the card and the card reader. In this situation it is recommended to try cleaning the card reader slot and check whether it resolves the issue or not.
  • Last but not the least, check whether the card reader is disables in BIOS settings or not. If yes, then at the first screen after restart, look for a key to press for “BIOS” settings. Next, verify that the card reader has not been deactivated in the BIOS settings.

It is hoped that the tips discussed above will definitely help one in fixing ‘SD Card Not Being Recognized In Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1′ issue.